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Friday of the Second Week of Easter ‘a’

We all know the story about the multiplication of the food that Jesus performed, having only “five barley loaves and two fish” He was able to feed a large crowd of people. We know how meaningful that miracle was. However, what caught my attention is that boy who was there, who was smart enough to bring food with Him. Maybe he was so smart and knew that this would be a long sermon and thus soon he would become hungry. Or maybe his mom packed lunch for him, or perhaps he was coming back from the marketplace, carrying food for his family. We don’t know. All we know is that he had trust in Jesus and shared what he had, believing that the good he has done would return to him. He could have said NO, I don’t want to share my bread and fish with you. He could have eaten it himself, or brought it back home -- but he didn’t. He trusted in the Lord and shared all he had. Just like that boy, we are called to share the good we have with others, knowing that it will return to us and that God will repay us for our generosity.

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