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Friday of the Second Week of Lent ‘b’

I can’t believe how timely and how pertinent even today is the parable we hear in today’s gospel. Jesus’ parable speaks about a landowner who had to depart on a long journey and so he entrusted his land and his vineyard to his tenants. The landowner did not give them the land but trusted them that they would good take care of it and give back the fruit of that vineyard on his return. However, they didn’t. They acted very selfishly, and, as a result, they killed the landowner’s son, thinking that if they get rid of him, they would inherit that profitable land. We know this parable well, and I mentioned that it is still so timely today because our society is no different. So many people today act selfishly, forgetting that this world is given to us by God, that our body is holy, and it is also God’s gift, and the most precious thing we have received is our life. Those things were encrusted to us to take good care of them. One day God will want them back, will ask you and me: what did you do with the life I gave you, what did you do with this beautiful world? Too many people reject God and want to erase Him from our society, just like those tenants in Jesus’ parable. But we must be different; we must remember that one day God will ask us to return the ‘produce’ to him.

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