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Friday of the Seventh Week of Easter ‘a’

Have you noticed in the gospel reading for today that each time after Peter reaffirms Jesus about his love for the Lord, he hears from Jesus repeatedly things like ‘feed my lambs’, ‘tend my sheep’ and ‘feed my sheep’? In other words -- if you love me, Peter, express that love in taking care of others, and taking care of my church. Jesus is asking us the same question today -- do you love me? And if you do, I don’t need your verbal confirmation, but hard proof that you do. So, if you love the Lord, prove it -- love others, forgive, pray for them, don’t gossip, don’t lie, don’t steal, help the poor, feed the hungry, love your neighbor. So, do you truly love God? If you do, express that love in action, not only in words.

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