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Friday of the Third Week of Easter ‘b’


I am sure you have heard something like this: why do I have to go to church, God is everywhere, I can pray on my own, or - I don’t need any institution to tell me how to live my life, so I don’t need the church. However, if someone does not go to mass. they miss something essential. He or she misses the opportunity to receive the Body of Christ. And yes, God is everywhere, and He can hear us whenever and wherever we raise our voice to Him. Yet by avoiding the holy Mass, the Eucharist, we would avoid the food from heaven. Jesus said that “For my Flesh is true food,and my Blood is true drink. Whoever eats my Flesh and drinks my Blood remains in me and I in him.” If you want to be one with Christ, if you want the Lord to remain in you and be with you all the time, then you must receive the Eucharist.

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