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Friday of the Twenty- Eight Week in Ordinary Time ‘c’

If someone asked you what you are mostly afraid of, you could say that you are mostly frightened of death. For those who are nonbelievers, death is the biggest tragedy possible, since everything ends with it. However, if you have just a little bit of faith and trust in Jesus’ promises, you hope and believe that our lives will continue. It will not be the life we know now, the one we are presently familiar with, but different, supposedly better one. But still, we have not experienced that future life and that’s why we are afraid of dying. We are afraid of the unknown. Today, once again Jesus reminds us that we should not worry and be afraid of dying, since one’s death is not the greatest tragedy that may happen to us. What is worse is when someone would be condemned and thus rejected from God’s Kingdom. We all will die, there is no exception, and we can’t change that. But we have time to change our life and our final destination. Jesus said: “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but after that can do no more. I shall show you whom to fear. Be afraid of the one who after killing has the power to cast into Gehenna.”

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