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Good Friday

Jn 18:1—19:42

Almost each company, each brand creates a recognizable symbol; it is called a logo. There are more popular brands and less popular brands. There are the ones that almost everyone recognizes by its logo but some that it is hard to guess by their logo what brand they are. We Christians have a special and very meaningful symbol. It is a crucifix. Everybody does recognize this symbol. Believers and nonbelievers know what the crucifix stands for. Those who killed Jesus wanted to make sure that His death was most painful and disgraceful. But they didn’t know back then that the cross that they chose for Jesus’ sacrifice and death would become the most powerful symbol on earth and would last forever. Today, on Good Friday, we venerate the cross. We give special attention to our most recognizable ‘logo’. Today we thank Jesus that He made this sacrifice and left us with this meaningful symbol.

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