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Holy Saturday

A cemetery is a sad place. Every time we visit our family graves, we are filled with sadness and contemplation. Can you even imagine going to the grave of a loved one just to discover that the tomb is empty? Probably not, because that is beyond our imagination. But the imagination is one thing and faith is another. Mary Magdala and Mary, the mother of James and Salome, came to the tomb of Jesus and what did they see? An open and empty tomb. No Jesus, no body. Someone took Him away, they thought. It is unthinkable that He could just rise from the dead! This doesn’t happen. But this did happen. And it will happen to our loved ones and to each one us. This is a great promise that Jesus gave us on the day of His resurrection. Easter is just a reminder that our thoughts and understanding are far beyond our belief. Faith takes us much farther, much farther than death and this sad place, that is the grave.

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