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Holy Thursday

Seems like everything is upside down with Jesus. Whatever we became accustomed to in this world often is the contrary of what Jesus is teaching us. Just think about that. He calls us to love our enemies, to forgive those who hurt us, to give up our lives in order to gain a new life. He even tells us to take the cross and follow Him. Crazy, right? This is not what this world is telling us. So, with Jesus, everything seems just the opposite. And today again, on this Holy Thursday, He is giving a new model to follow -- wash each other’s feet! Be a servant, be humble, please others not yourself. How unthinkable is all this! So, this unique practice of washing the feet of twelve parishioners by the presider is not only a symbol, or an interesting thing to watch. This is a real and new commandment that we are obliged to do for others. As followers of Jesus, we are called to bring comfort to others, to be there for them, to feed them, to clothe them, and to wash their feet.

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