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Holy Thursday -Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper

We all recall the words of our Lord when He said that He came to serve others and not to be served, and then He invites His disciples to do the same. During the last supper, he washes the feet of the disciples to show them what He meant. However, Peter became indignant and even embarrassed by that. Why? Think about this, and ask yourself a question today: what is easier -- to serve or to be served by others? Most of us feel more comfortable when serving others. However, when we need help, whatever it may be -- financial help, physical help, help for us to fight an addiction, or even spiritual help -- then our pride and ambition won’t let us admit that we need help. I remember when my mom got very ill and she had to accept the fact that she needed help even in the most basic daily tasks like dressing up, washing, eating. She was embarrassed that someone had to serve her, to help her. Yes, we are called to serve others, but are you humble enough to admit that at times you also need others to serve you?

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