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Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

It is always very sad to lose a person whom you love, but it is different when someone dies of old age than when someone loses a child. As a priest I have celebrated funeral Masses for a child and for a person who died at the young age. It is always very difficult for me. It is even more difficult when a parent says: It shouldn’t be this way. Why my child? I should go first, not my child. It is difficult to give an answer or even to say anything. The best thing is just to be there and listen. Blessed Virgin Mary also lost her child. More than that, she witnessed Jesus’ rejection, persecution, passion, and then His terrible death on the crucifix. She was with her Son until the end. She knows how it feels to lose a child. And right before Jesus died, He told us: now this is your Mother; she knows, she understands, she also was in pain. So, if you struggle, when you grieve and when you cry, talk to her, ask her to comfort you. Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.


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