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Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

I like this reading from the Gospel today. I like it because it shows that even The Most Holy Family, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, had their own misunderstandings, miscommunications and even some arguments. This reminds me that there is no perfect family, even though Holy Family was designated ‘holy’ by the Church, but it still wasn’t perfect. There is so much we can learn from the Holy Family. We can learn that at times any child will disobey, that even the best mother can get angry and disappointed with her child. Also, we learn that parents love and forgive, and we learn that it is important to communicate, to talk with each other, and if things go wrong, we should always say ‘we’re sorry’ to each other. No, there is no perfect family, just like no individual person is perfect, but we are called to make our families happy and holy.

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