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Monday of the 1 week in ordinary time ‘b’

It all started with just a few people, a few followers, that decided to leave behind everything they knew, everything they had, all they experienced, and follow Jesus. I often wonder if Jesus, the Son of God needed us, people like us to help Him in spreading the Good News. He is God, He could do whatever He wanted, He could do it all on His own. But no, He decided to ask us for help. First, He asked a few simple fishermen without proper theological education, without any political status or power, just to follow, to observe, to learn from Him, and then to tell others. And now, over 2000 year later, we are still here, keeping Christ in our midst, because of those fishermen Jesus called. And He calls me and you, simple people, who may make excuses like, I am non-significant, or, I don’t have proper education to do that. But still Jesus wants you and me to follow Him and make this church grow by our good actions, good example, and by our love.

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