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Monday of the 1 week of Advent ‘c’

Mt 8:5-11

What always surprises me in this gospel reading today is not only the tremendous faith of this centurion, but his concern and care for his servant. Many others would most likely replace that sick and useless servant with somebody else, but this centurion didn’t. Instead he made every effort to help him. I am learning today that it is important to pray for others, but not only for those that I love and are important to me, but to pray even for those who are not that significant to me -- that homeless person on the street, the waitress in the restaurant, a person who cleans my house, for all those who are less fortunate than I am. We can be certain that the centurion from the gospel reading was a very good and humble person. He was able to do everything he could just to help a person in need.

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