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Monday of the 1 week of Lent

Very powerful Gospel reading for today. Jesus is talking about the day of judgment, and He speaks out a warning, that all people will be separated into two groups - good and bad. And we may wrongly think that only by fulfilling our Catholic obligations, by saying many rosaries, by going to church often, by confessing, receiving Holy Communion, and performing other practices of our religion, then we will belong to that group of good people. But will we? Reading today’s Gospel, I have a feeling that this wouldn’t be enough. We are called to do much more, namely, being able to recognize Christ in another person, especially those marginalized. It moves me so much, knowing and seeing ‘my people’, Polish people, especially those who live close to the border of Ukraine, helping those who are running away from that terrible war. But there are many more who need our help. This is what Jesus is talking about -- yes, we need to pray and practice our beautiful religion, but more than that, we need to recognize Jesus in another person.

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