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Monday of the 2 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Because we are Christians, others will expect more from us. Some people will be watching us and will try to catch us doing something wrong, or that may even be against the Church’s teachings. Such a hypocrite, they may say, goes to church every Sunday, but he cheats on his taxes, or is mean to his relatives, or supports abortion. Yes, others will be watching us and trying to see what kind of Christians we are. Over 2000 years ago, various people were already watching Jesus and His disciples. And if the disciples had done something that, according to them, was opposed to their religion, they would accuse them of being hypocrites. Jesus and His disciples didn’t do anything wrong and were able to explain their actions. But how about us? Do we always follow Christ’s teachings? Do we give a good example of who we are to others?

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