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Monday of the 2 week of Advent ‘b’

LK 5:17-26

Great story in the Gospel for today about a paralytic man who was healed by Jesus. This man was so happy that ‘he went home, glorifying God.’ What inspires me in that story is that this poor man didn’t come to Jesus alone. He couldn’t walk, and besides that there were so many people listening to Jesus that it was simply impossible to get close to Him. So, the paralytic’s friends, with great resolve, climbed onto the top of the house, and lowered him on a stretcher in front of Jesus. He was blessed with such friends; they cared about him and wanted him to be healed, and he was. We all know people who may need Jesus’ healing but for so many reasons are unable to come to Jesus. We can be those friends that should, in a very determined way, bring them to experience Jesus’ love, care and healing.

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