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Monday of the 22 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Can all be saved? Of course! But will all be saved? I am not sure. People in Jesus’ native town of Nazareth believed that because they belonged to the chosen nation, they will be automatically saved. There is no need of repentance, there is no need of doing anything more than praying and observing the law, they thought. But Jesus is very clear. He tells them that only chosen people will be saved, only those who have faith and love God and neighbor by acts of charity. There are Christians today that simply believe that because they are baptized and pray and belong to Christ’s family, they will be saved. But Jesus reminds us today that we must do more in order to be saved; we need to act on the will of God in order to be chosen. No, not everybody will be saved, but all are invited to be saved.

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