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Monday of the 26 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Lk 9:46-50

An associate pastor, a pastor, monsignor, bishop, the cardinal … and so on … yes, we do have a hierarchy in our church. It is easy for us priests to get into the temptation of looking for honors and gaining higher positions in the church. But that happens also to many of us in different areas in life. It is natural that we want to be recognized, liked, and popular. We want higher honors. But with Jesus, it is different. The disciples were arguing which among them was the greatest and so Jesus used that opportunity to teach them that, for a Christian, it has to be different. He teaches us that God will never look on our honors and positions in this life, but simply on how humble we are. There is nothing wrong with gaining higher honors or with being popular and liked, as long as we are as humble as that little child.

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