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Monday of the 28 week in ordinary time

LK 11:29-32

There is something greater than Jonah and Solomon and other prophets here! And at the preaching of Jonah and Solomon and others, people repented, but how about now? Obviously, there is something greater here but maybe we forget. It is easy to think about Jesus as a historical figure. Yes, we believe in Him, we believe that He is the Messiah, the Son of God and he came to this earth, saved us from original sin and went back to Heaven. Now, we are on our own. Really, that’s it? Of course not! The words from the Gospel today are addressed to all of us today to- there is truly something greater than great prophets of the history here, Jesus is truly present among us- in the Eucharist, in the word of God and in another person. How easy it is to think that we are at a disadvantage in that, unlike the early followers of Jesus, they had first-hand experience of him and his preaching. Obviously, Jesus is not present among us physically in his human body as He was over 2000 years ago, but He is truly among us and He invites us to repent, to make changes in our lives and to become His Holy People.

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