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Monday of the 28 week in ordinary time ‘b’

I have been to many different Catholic churches, and I know you have too. And although we have the same beliefs, you notice that each church is different, not only by its external design, but the liturgies are different, the music, the quality of preaching, and many other things. That’s why some of us choose where we go to church because we may like a certain place better than another. Or maybe you don’t like the pastor, or the music in your own church, and so you look for another. Nothing wrong with that, but we need to understand one thing: there is something greater in each Catholic church than all of those external things that we prefer more or less. Jesus present in the Eucharist. I think we need to remember this when we decide to go somewhere else because of something we don’t like. Even if the music is the worst ever, or the priest can’t preach at all, and the church is falling apart because there are no funds for renovation -- something is greater there, Jesus is always there and He is waiting for you.

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