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  • Fr. Kris

Monday of the 3 week in ordinary time ‘b’ (Conversion of St. Paul)

Mk 16:15-18

There is a vast amount of books and movies about super heroes. They all are depicted as having some extraordinary power or skill. Maybe you might think that it would be great to have such power and be able to do more than others and being able to fight evil and help others. Today, Jesus promises to those who will believe and follow Him an extraordinary power. And, no, we may not be able to fly, or live here forever. We will not be able to be invisible or super strong or move fast like some of superheroes that we know. But we will be able to fight evil and help others. Jesus promises us that He will give us superpower if we believe in Him, and that super power is an eternal life in Heaven. That gift is far more powerful than any other super heroes ever had.

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