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Monday of the 3 week of Advent ‘b’ (memorial of St. John of the Cross)

Don’t we sometimes question Jesus’ actions? At times we act like those who were accusing Jesus and were asking Him -- by what authority you doing these things? Even today some of us may have moments of weakness of faith and end up asking Jesus, why are you doing this to me? I prayed and prayed, I was constantly asking you for help, but you didn’t listen. Why did you choose to heal that person from cancer but not my loved one? Why is my neighbor so blessed with a well-paid job, while I struggle all the time? Why do we still battle with this pandemic? By what authority are you doing this to me? I believe that it happens to all of us at times that we may have weaker faith, especially when things are getting difficult. Jesus knows this, but He is always with us and tells us today- there things that you may not understand now, but they will be revealed to you in the future.

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