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Monday of the 3 week of Lent

Would you rather please others and tell them what they want to hear or tell them the truth? You and I know well that at times it is very difficult to challenge others and tell them the truth, especially if they are acting wrongly. We don’t want to get into any conflicts, so at times we don’t want to act and correct others, or simply tell them that it’s just OK. It’s OK, living with someone without sacramental marriage; it’s OK, not going to church; it’s OK, cheating; it’s OK taking advantage of others, and so on. But is it? Is it OK with Jesus? Jesus always told the truth and was never afraid to challenge others and call them to repentance. Just like in the Gospel for today, when he challenged His own people from His hometown. That’s why they got so aggravated and asked -- who are you to tell us how to live our lives? They even wanted to kill Him for that. It is not easy telling the truth. In fact at times it is very difficult and even risky, but we are called to live our lives morally well and to always tell the truth.

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