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Monday of the 3 week of Lent ‘b’

Lent is the time to repent, to change our old sinful ways of life and return to God. But we hear this message each year around this same time, so we may think: there is nothing I can change, or, how should I repent? I go to church each Sunday, I pray often, I go to confession, and I try to live a good Christian life. Not much to repent. Well, the people from the Gospel reading today also thought that they had nothing to change, nothing to repent. Jesus is warning them, however, that their religious practices are not enough. They need to change their hearts. This Lent let us truly and with all honesty ask God: what else can we change? how can we be better persons, better neighbors, better sons or daughters, better husbands or wives, better citizens, and better Christians. There is always something to repent; we just need to look deeper.

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