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Monday of the 30 week in ordinary time

Sunday is obviously a holy day for us Catholics. It is the day dedicated to God. We were all taught that we shouldn’t be doing any unnecessary work on that day, only to worship God, to spend this time with our loved ones (if possible), and to rest. Does this mean that we should close up for the day all of our hospitals, places of shelter and food pantries? Today in the Gospel reading, Jesus is being accused by the leader of the Synagogue of curing a sick woman on the holy day, on the Sabbath- “There are six days when work should be done”- he said, not on the Sabbath. Any work? Even helping those who are in need? We can’t simply tell them: we are closed, come back tomorrow to get some food or other emergency help. Jesus reminds us today that if someone needs our attention, our love and our help, we can’t make excuses, but we rush to help right away. This is our Christian responsibility. Yes, we should be avoiding unnecessary works on Sunday, but if someone needs our help, this should be always a priority.

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