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Monday of the 30 week in ordinary time ‘b’

“There are six days when work should be done.” You can’t work on a holy day, a day that is dedicated to rest and to worship of God. Many Catholics forget about this, and they perform physical work on Sunday. Of course, it might be the only day that they can fix something around the house since they are too busy on other days. Well, I agree that we should try to avoid physical work on Sundays, but today Jesus reminds us that if others immediately need our help or assistance, we should never make any excuses but rush and help our neighbor. That’s what Jesus did, even though it was a Sabbath day, a day on which Jewish people were forbidden to perform any kind of work. He cured a sick person. She needed His help, and He gave her what she wanted. We are obligated to always help our brothers and sisters in need whatever day it is.

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