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Monday of the 34 week in ordinary time

If you only had your last 10 dollars in your wallet, 10 dollars only, and you haven’t eaten for a day or more, would you rather buy yourself something to eat or give the money to someone else, or donate it to charity? Or an even worse scenario- if you only had your last 10 dollars and your child hasn’t eaten all day, wouldn’t your priority be to get food for your child? Of course, it would! The poor woman in the Gospel today had two small coins left and she donated them to the temple. Maybe she would have to go hungry, maybe she had a child to be fed. How irresponsible, we might think. It is easy to donate, to offer, and to support others if you have an abundance; it’s much more difficult if you don’t. Jesus teaches us today that it’s not important how much we give, or what we share, as long as we do it for the love of others. We may go hungry for one or two days, but there is always somebody else who goes hungry for 5 days. The woman from the Gospel was able to see this and share all she had, to help others.

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