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Monday of the 34 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Please donate to our charity, even a quarter, whatever you can, every donation counts! We all have heard slogans like that. Each year in October we are asked to participate in that ‘baby bottle’ project, which is another way of collecting money to support single mothers and fight abortion. Each donation counts, we say, even the coins that you have in your pocket and in your drawer. And it always amazes me when we collect these bottles (some are transparent) that some are filled with hundred-dollar bills and some just with a few coins. But, again, each, even the smallest, donation counts. It counts because it is not about how much you are giving, but about the fact that you want to share what you have with others in need. Jesus praises the poor widow from the Gospel reading today only because she was able to share all that she had. She completely trusted in God, knowing that one day she would be rewarded by God. In Polish language instead of ‘dziękuję’ (thank you), we say often ‘Bóg zapłać’, which simply means- may God reward you, may God give you back for your generosity and for your goodness. We need to believe that if we able to share what we have with other, not only what we have extra, but all that we have, then God will reward us one day a hundred times more.

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