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Monday of the 4 week in ordinary time ‘c’

It is not enough to know about Jesus, not even enough to memorize all the gospel verses and prayers, but knowing Jesus requires a change of heart, change of life. If you say you know Jesus, you need to follow His teachings and reject any sinful ways of life. However, we all know that it is easier to stick to our old way of living, our old behaviors; we don’t like to change. Besides, it is easier to sin than to avoid it. I think that’s why those who witnessed how Jesus ordered an unclean spirit to enter the herd of swine were not ready for a change of heart. They were amazed at what Jesus could do, but they didn’t want Him in their lives, because they knew that would require a change on their part and a rejection of sin. And so, they “began to beg him to leave their district.” How about us today? We have only two options -- either accept Jesus with His all teachings and change our lives completely, or we can ask Him to leave.

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