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Monday of the 4 week of Advent

When Covid hit us, we had to adjust to a new way of worshiping, of working, learning, and living. This year has been so different, so challenging. For most of us, the very difficult thing was not being able physically to spent time with our loved ones when birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving, graduations, and even upcoming Christmas came along. Those days might have been lonely for many of us. But the Blessed Virgin Mary teaches us today that we need to stay connected, we need to care about each other especially about those who are lonely and homebound. Mary traveled a long distance to visit Elizabeth and to bring her good news, a smile and a good word. Maybe we can’t travel today, but we still have many other ways of staying connected and bringing a good word to others. Let us not forget, especially during this Christmas season, about those who are waiting for a call, a note, or a visit.

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