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Monday of the 4 week of Advent ‘c’

The Angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her -- God chose you! From now on you will be blessed, you will be protected, you will be rich and famous, I will also save you from all the troubles of this world, everything will be so easy for you, just say Yes. And so, she did. We all would, right? But as we all know, this story was a little bit different. God didn’t promise to Mary that her life would be easy, nor that she would be protected, nor that she would have any riches of this world. Instead, she was asked to fulfill God’s will even though it will be hard to understand it and then even harder to follow it. But Mary said Yes because she knew that if she trusted God’s will and offered her life to God, then she will be blessed forever in life eternal. What a gain! For you and me, God never promises that following His plan will be easy -- no. But He promises us that we, just like Mary, can gain eternal life in Heaven, if we keep faith despite all the difficulties of this life.

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