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Monday of the 4 week of Easter ‘b’

Some people, but not everyone, want all the best for you because they care for you. But to be able to recognize who cares for us in our lives, it will take time. Whenever you meet a new teacher, a new boss, pastor or a new friend, you need to spend some time with them in order to get to know them and discover if they truly care about you and want the best for you. We need to learn how to genuinely trust these people, because we know that there are some others that would take advantage of us. Jesus wants all the best for us, but sometimes we need to learn that we need to get to know Him better to fully trust Him. Some of us trust Him completely, but some need some more time to gain that trust. Let us pray today for that deep trust in Jesus, our Good Shepherd, so we would always recognize His voice and follow Him without any fear.

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