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Monday of the 6 week of Easter ‘b’

There may be some side effects if you take a certain drug. Even if you decide to get vaccinated for flu or for covid-19, there may be some side effects, some quite small, others more problematic. There are so many drugs and vaccines now, and they are being created to protect and to heal. But there are times when a chemo treatment will kill cancer cells but at the same time will have a damaging impact on other body parts. And a good doctor should warn his patient about all the side effects of any proposed medicines, and the patient has a right to accept or to refuse the treatment. Today Jesus, like a good doctor, is also warning us that if we accept and follow Him, even though we will be saved by Him, we may be rejected by this world. He is telling us about the ‘side effects’ of being His disciple: “I have told you this so that when their hour comes you may remember that I told you.” There may be ‘side effects’ of following Jesus and it is up to us to take the risk or not.

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