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Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter ‘a’

There are times when I look with a little envy at someone who seems to have a very close, intimate relationships with God. Someone who speaks about God with a great passion and shares their experience of being so close to God during prayer. Unfortunately, I don’t often experience anything like that. There are times that when I pray, I feel that closeness with God, I feel His presence and love. But many more times -- nothing extraordinary happens. And so, if I don’t feel that emotional, passionate love for God, then don’t I love Him enough? So, how could I express my love for God? Jesus gives us an answer today, and even if you do feel that passion and deep love for God, which is great, it is not the kind of Love God expects. His indication of love is more mature and is expressed in action. Jesus said: “Whoever has my commandments and observes them is the one who loves me.” We need to express our love for God by keeping and following His commandments. It is not about feelings; it’s about doing, about action.

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