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Monday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time ‘c’

It must have taken a lot of courage and humility for that official who came to Jesus, knelt in front of Him and asked for help in bringing his daughter back to life. Can you imagine that -- an official kneeling before Jesus, what would others think? That official didn’t come to Jesus in secret, like Nicodemus, afraid that others might see him and then make fun off him. No. That official didn’t care about what others might think or say. He knew that only Jesus could help him, and he was right. Many of us Christians are afraid to speak openly about our faith in Jesus Christ. We don’t want, for instance, to make a sign of the cross in public or say a prayer before eating our meal in a crowded restaurant. What would others think? I don’t want to be judged one way or another. I believe, and I will pray, but I will do that privately. Again, that official didn’t care about what others might think; he openly sought the Lord’s help. And because He was not ashamed of asking Jesus, and he believed -- he got his daughter back.

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