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Monday of the Second Week of Christmas ‘a’

Jn 1:19-28

How do you react when others compliment you? Because every so often we do hear good things from other people, things like -- you are so smart, you sing so well, you have such beautiful children, you have great taste, you cook so well, and so on. Most times we say ‘thank you’ or try humbly admitting that we are not exactly as good as the person makes us out to be. However, if you compliment someone, you won’t hear back things like -- thank you, but all I have is because God has blessed me with it, or -- it is Christ who works in me. Are we even able to admit to ourselves that all we have comes from God? During this season we hear very often about John the Baptist. He played a key role during the manifestation of the Messiah. As you know he was preparing people for God who was about come to His people. What always struck me about John is his humility. In today’s gospel again we can find how humble John the Baptist was. When the Jews came to ask John who he was, he humbly said that -- I am not the one you think I am. “I am not the Christ. So, they asked him, what are you then? Are you Elijah? And he said, I am not. Are you the Prophet? He answered, No.” Instead, he humbly testified: “I baptize with water; but there is one among you whom you do not recognize, the one who is coming after me, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to untie.” It is not me; it is Christ.

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