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Monday of the Thirty Third Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

If the blind person from the gospel reading today would have listened to others who tried to keep him silent and had not screamed after Jesus, he would have remained blind for the rest of his life. And I am sure Jesus could hear him right from the beginning. Jesus knows everything, and He heard him screaming. But Jesus was testing his faith -- let him scream, even louder, let’s see how strong his faith will be when others tell him to be quiet, when others will be telling him you are nobody, Jesus doesn’t see you, He didn’t come to people like you, forget about getting close to the Lord. But his faith and persistence paid off. After testing his faith in very difficult circumstances, Jesus saw that this man’s faith was stronger than most of his followers. That’s why he gave him what he was asking for -- he was able to see once again. My and your faith will be tested many times. We can either give it up and be silent or we could scream and call the Lord even louder and never give up on our faith in him. It paid off for that man; it will also pay off for you and me.

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