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Monday of the Twenty-Eight Week in Ordinary Time ‘c’

While reading a newspaper, listening to the news on the radio or TV, and checking social media, we may become overwhelmed with all the negativity and bad news happening in our world, happening around us. Where is God in all of this? we may wonder. Why does God allow so many terrible things to happen to innocent people. God, give us a sign that you truly exist and love us. But Jesus explains to us today that there are many signs of God’s presence, but most times we just walk by without seeing them, recognizing them, or appreciating them. When we think about signs, we would like to talk about something extraordinary, something out of this world. However, Jesus tells us to have faith and to keep our hearts and eyes opened, and then we will see the signs of God’s presence among us in those simple ordinary things of life. In other people, in nature, in those who live in the midst of evil yet can still bring some good out of the situation. We shouldn’t ask for any extraordinary signs of God’s presence, but should pray by asking God to enable us to see the signs that we already have.

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