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Monday of the Twenty Third Week in Ordinary Time ‘c’

Again, the Pharisees were observing Jesus carefully in order to accuse Him of violating the holy day of Sabbath and performing a miracle, which they considered ‘work’. Jesus reminds them that the concern and well-being of another person is far more important and always has a priority before any other laws and regulations. Think about that. If your child is hungry, you won’t tell him or her to come tomorrow because today is Sunday, and I can’t perform any work today. Or if you see and elderly person falling down in front of the church after Sunday service, you will rush right away to help him or her get up and see if any medical assistance is needed, but not deny him help since that might violate the holy day. Jesus wants us to keep Sunday as a special and holy day that is dedicated to God. However, if our neighbor is in need, we are obligated to help right away.

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