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Palm Sunday

The liturgy of Palm Sunday always surprised me with a rapid change of mood. At the beginning everyone in Jerusalem is filled with Joy at Jesus’ coming. They wave their palms and welcome Him. But then within a few moments we read the sad story of Jesus’ passion and death on a cross. Same crowd, same people at once scream: welcome! Hosanna! And in a few moments, they shout out: crucify Him, crucify! By today’s liturgy, I am reminded that at times I too don’t have the courage to witness to my faith and my love for Jesus. I am afraid what others would say, how they would react. So when the crowd screams - we love you Jesus, I join them; but when they want to crucify Him, remove Him, I show little courage to defend Him. Jesus, please help me to be honest with you and myself. Please take away all the hypocrisy from my life.

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