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Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

Saint John Paul II -- a great pope and a great leader and hero for the Polish nation. Thousands and thousands would gather to listen to him. They would travel great distances just to be at his Mass. People would make all kinds of sacrifices to meet him, to touch him, to exchange a word with him. However, these days, when you follow certain information outlets coming from Poland, you may be a little troubled. This great polish pope is now being accused of covering up some scandals committed by priests when Karol Wojtyla was the archbishop of Krakow. Now, many of those who declared their love and support for him have doubts, and they begin to question his sanctity. Some are getting angry and are accusing him of lying to them. They forgot that Communism tried to destroy anything associated with religion and would persecute the Church, the bishops, and the priests. Many forgot that there was no freedom of religion, and the government would manipulate priests and religious, using all kinds of evil tactics to destroy their vocation. Today on Palm Sunday, we recall the events that happened over 2000 years ago when Jesus was welcomed by a happy crowd -- Hosanna, our King, welcome, they would shout out. But just a few moments later, they were manipulated by evil leaders and would scream -- Crucify him, kill him, give us Barabbas! Evil will always try to manipulate you and me and will use all kinds of tactics to destroy your beliefs. We need to be careful.

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