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Saturday after Ash Wednesday ‘b’

Not sure who was the bigger sinner in the Gospel reading for today, the tax collector Levi or the Pharisees and the scribes. The Pharisees and the scribes accused Jesus of associating with the tax collectors and sinners, but they were sinners as well. So, if Jesus was to come only to perfect and holy people, He would probably have no one to spend time with. Think about that- aren’t we all sinners? So, if we become like those Pharisees and expect Jesus to come only to perfect and holy people, then He won’t be welcomed into our own lives, because we are sinners too. Jesus wants to come to each one of us, not to tell us how good it is to be dining with us because we are so perfect and holy, but to heal our wounds and help us to grow in holiness. Jesus wants to be with us sinners.

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