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Saturday, memorial of St. Augustine (Bishop and Doctor of the Church)

We may think that everything we accomplished in life is because of our own determination, hard work, and many sacrifices. You may say that you were studying hard to get that dream career, that now pays off for all the sacrifices you had to make. Or you may think that you have such a nice house because you were saving for so many years so you could buy it. That meant you didn’t go on vacations, nor did you buy many extra thigs, because you wanted to pay off the mortgage. Or maybe you are a great artist, athlete, or a musician, and you thought that what you have accomplished was because of (again) your hard work and determination. And all of this is partially true, but there is much more to it. We are enriched with many different talents because God gave them to us. We may have a well-paid career because God gave us a healthy and strong brain. You may be a great athlete, because God gave you a strong and healthy body. You have a great house because God made you a citizen of this very prosperous country. Today Jesus reminds me that even though I may think that what I have accomplished is only through my own work and determination, God is behind all of that. He made me and you who we are now. We may have more or less talents, more or less resources, more or less health; but whatever we have comes from God and we are obliged to share these with others, those who are less fortunate. That I should multiply my talents, but especially the gift of my faith.

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