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Saturday of the 1 week of Advent ‘b’

Jesus is the Son of God. When He was here in the form of man, He showed His tremendous power to cure the sick, to bring the dead back to life, to drive out demons, and also many other miracles impossible for you. So, logically thinking, Jesus didn’t need help; He could do whatever He wanted. And if He wanted, He could change this world and make everybody believe in Him. But He didn’t. Instead He left us freedom of choice; we can either be with Him or against Him. He also didn’t need us humans to spread the Good news, but He decided to choose, first, twelve simple disciples and then many more, including us today. He gave us the power to change other people’s lives. No, we are not able to bring the dead back to life, nor cure the sick; but we do have the power to change other people’s lives for the better. By each smile, a good word, or a good deed, we are changing this world.

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