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Saturday of the 11 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Should I worry about tomorrow? I don’t think so. But should I think about tomorrow and plan my future? Certainly. In the Gospel reading for today, Jesus wants us not to worry so much but trust that He will take care of us. And there is a difference between worrying and planning. We all make plans, the plans for the next hour, next day, next month, but also the plans for our long-term future -- nothing wrong with that, even if our plans changes. Unfortunately, too many times we live burdened by stress, worrying too much about our future and the future of our family. It is easy to say -- don’t worry, God will take care of everything. But in reality, we are stressed out because of the bills we need to pay, or of a difficult situation at work, or because of frequent fights with our spouse. Yes, we need to take care of these things and even though they may cause us much stress, Jesus wants us not to waste all our energy on these earthly things. He promises that God will take care of all this one way or the other. We should rather put all of our energy and planning into the things that really matters -- our salvation.

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