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Saturday of the 16 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Why is there so much evil in the world? Does God even care? Or maybe there is no God because He doesn’t seem to do anything about evil. He should get rid of all bad people and make this world populated only with good and positive things. I think we all hear similar questions and statements at times. We hear them most likely from those who deny the existence of God. Some time ago, my thinking was similar to this: Why does God allows so much evil to penetrate our world? I think today’s gospel reading gives me an answer. In this world there always will be evil; there always will be those who are living contrary to God’s will. But God is patient. He lets evil grow next to good and holy things, but one day there will be a time for harvest. And then what? Then He will separate good from evil. We just need to make sure that we belong in God’s barn.

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