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Saturday of the 17 week in ordinary time (St. Ignatius of Loyola)

Almost every day or even at various moments, we need to decide about something. Sometimes these are very small decisions, unimportant, for instance what to work on today, or what to make for dinner, or the long-range decisions that we make. These will impact our lives and maybe the lives of others. That’s why these important decisions can’t be made by impulse or excitement or just to impress others in the moment. The important decisions we make need to be prayed over, thought over, and done with consultation with others, with people that we trust, or perhaps with a spiritual director. Herod the tetrarch made a terrible decision that was made from an impulse, pure emotion and excitement. He made a promise to the girl that he would give her whatever she asked for, and in the end, she asked for him to kill John the Baptist, which, as you know, he did. Before you make any important decision, take some time to think about it, pray over it, talk with others. Otherwise, it may be a really bad and foolish decision.

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