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Saturday of the 2 week of Lent ‘b’

Lk 15:1-3, 11-32

Good to have a loving caring friend. Also, it is a blessing to have wonderful siblings that you can always count on. But there are times when those whom we considered good friends simply abandon us. They may forget about us for one reason or another. But then when we get reunited, we may express our disappointment to them, like: why didn’t you call me? Why did you never visit me? I tried to call you and you never answered. Think about that: instead of being happy to be reunited, we sometimes express our sadness or even anger. But with God it is different. First, we may abandon God, but He would never abandon us; and second, even after a very long time of separation, after serious sins, God is ready to welcome us with His open arms. And no, He won’t say: where have you been? Why didn’t you talk to me? You broke my heart. No nothing like that. He will just open His arms again and welcome us back because that’s how much He loves us.

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