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Saturday of the 27 week in ordinary time

In the Gospel for today, Jesus hears a nice compliment regarding His Mother -- one woman said to Him that His Mother Mary was so blessed and even lucky being His Mother. Yes, she was very privileged and we all know that. She is truly Mother of God. But Jesus uses this situation to teach us something here. His answer to that compliment is simple, but very important: “blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.” It is like some of us who were privileged to see St. John Paul II, or maybe even talk to him, to touch him, maybe you were privileged to visit some very holy places on earth, or touch or kiss the relics of your favorite saint. We all are able to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, and some could say: how blessed you are because you are able to do that, to be there. Yes, it is, but that is not enough. It is not enough just to meet a saintly person, or to visit holy places, or even to receive the sacraments and stop there. Because we are truly blessed if we hear the word and then observe it, follow it, implement into our lives.

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