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Saturday of the 29 week in ordinary time

I have realized that in these months of lockdown, I have started to procrastinate on some things. I might make excuses like: “Well there is not much on my agenda tomorrow, so I will wait a day to prepare my homily for Sunday”, or I might make important phone calls next week, and many similar excuses. Maybe that happened to you too. Well, we may perhaps be OK with procrastinating a little with the earthly things but never with things regarding our salvation. The Gospel says that some people came to Jesus with the shocking news of some Galileans that were murdered by Pilate. So, Jesus uses this example to teach them and all of us a very important lesson -- Repent, because you will perish as they did. There is still time, there is time to fix our relationships with God and our neighbor. But the time for that is today, right now, not tomorrow, not next month or next year. We can’t procrastinate on this matter because we don’t know how much time we have left.

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